Our Businesses

Turnouts, signal products, and welding materials

Railway turnouts and rail products

We design and manufacture products satisfying the customer needs from a tongue rail to a turnout for the Shinkansen.

Assembled turnout

  • Turnout for Shinkansen (scissors crossing)

  • Three-rail turnout

Steel Sleeper Turnout

50N 1 in 12 scissors crossing

The steel sleeper has advantage of recyclability, long life, light weight, and excellent workability as steel raw material.

Pressure-welded crossing

60K 1 in 10 single turnout

This is our original rail steel-made crossing applied with gas pressure welding, heat treatment and gluing technology.


Installation example of 60K 1 in 12 single turnout

This makes slide chairs lubrication-free, reduces maintenance work, and enhances the reliability of points.

Other rail products

  • Glued crossing

  • Expansion joint

  • H-shaped guard

Other business items
Run-over type turnouts Built-up crossingGlued-insulated joint rail
Compromise rail (gas-pressured, forged)Point guardVarious turnout products