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Pressure-welded crossing

Rail steel-made crossing suitable for high speed

Advantages of pressure-welded crossing

Example of leg length change (straight line)

Excellent weldability and wide-range products

  • Dimensions of front-end and rear-end are freely expandable.Also easy welding.
  • Widely applicable for special specification.

Robust nose rail

  • Nose rail is rigidly bonded by gas pressure welding.

Smooth ride quality

  • Gradient of tread surface of wing rail is optimized according to wheel shape.

Gradient of two stage tread surface

Various pressure-welded crossings

  • Various pressure-welded crossings:Common shape

    Common shape

  • Various pressure-welded crossings:Two-way crossing

    Two-way crossing

  • Various pressure-welded crossings:Three-way crossing

    Three-way crossing

  • Various pressure-welded crossings:Obtuse pressure-welded crossing

    Obtuse pressure-welded crossing

Various movable nose crossings

  • Various movable nose crossings:Movable wing crossing (noise reduced crossing)

    Movable wing crossing
    (noise reduced crossing)

  • Various movable nose crossings:Movable nose crossing

    Movable nose crossing

  • Various movable nose crossings:New type movable nose crossing

    New type movable nose crossing

    New type movable nose crossing is a movable crossing developed aiming replaceability from fixed crossing without changing whole turnout design.