Our Businesses

Welfare products

We propose the most appropriate products to satisfy customer needs considering physical conditions, life environment, age, preference, etc. of the customers to provide reliability and security.

Sales of wheelchairs

  • Various custom-made and ready-made products of domestic and overseas manufacturers (Germany and US)
  • Wheelchairs for sports (basketball, tennis, marathon)
  • Seating system, completed product of overseas manufacturer Access International Ltd.

We sell the products other than the above. Please contact us.

Sales of daily living utensils

  • Motorized bed, mattress
  • Transfer support apparatus (slope, transfer table, etc.)
  • Bathing support apparatus (mat for bathroom, shower chair, bathing table, etc.)

House renovation

  • We accept your request for renovation of bathrooms, lavatories, and toilets, as well as elimination of level differences.

Please contact:

Koga Satellite Office of Fukuoka Sales Branch Office in MI-NE SEISAKU-SHO CO., LTD.

Tel +81-92-943-5912
Fax +81-92-943-6171