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Message from the President

We are engaged in three kinds of business fields across Japan such as manufacture of turnouts and signals, execution of rail welding and delivery of portions, and maintenance of signalling equipment. Particularly, we are only one domestic company which are manufacturing both the turnouts and signal devices in a single factory.
Since our foundation in 1925, we have been marketing the products which meet the contemporary needs, always paying attention to our customers. We would like to appreciate your guidance and support given to us during those years.
In the drastically changing domestic and overseas situations, development of railway has been remarkable, expanding dreams and expectations of various forms of high-quality future railway in the 21st century.
While aiming at realization of ultrahigh speed, it is strongly demanded to develop the railway technologies friendly to people and environment.
In addition, reduction of maintenance cost is one of the most important challenges in order to enhance the railway management base.
Under these circumstances, we will make further steady efforts to satisfy our customers toward our great mission of delivery of inexpensive, choice products and execution of safe, high-quality construction.
Also, we would like to continue to develop our ingenious technologies toward the future so that we can contribute to a variety of needs.
We look forward to your continued business in the future.

  • Chairman Hidetaka Mine
  • President Toshiaki Mine