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We accept your requests for various tests, in addition to Research and Development of our products and services.

Technical R&D Lab.

Railway is advancing day after day in a safer, more comfortable, more people- and environment-friendly manner. In order to change a wide range of needs for railway into reliable technologies, Technical R&D Lab. proactively challenges practical use of a two-step gradient pressure-welded crossing and turnouts with steel sleepers, development of movable crossings, and LED-based crossing indicators, as well as Goldsummit welding technique in concerted efforts with our customers.

  • Stress Analysis of Goldsummit Weld Zone by Finite Element Method

  • Micro analysis of rails using electron microscope

  • Stress Measurement in Fatigue Testing machine

  • Development of New Movable Nose Crossing

  • Three-Rail Turnout Switching Force Test

  • Measurement and Testing

    • Stress analysis of rail weld zone
    • Static bending test of rail weld zone
    • Measurement of throwing force at tongue rail and movable rail
    • Measurement of stress by the strain gauge
    • Measurement of hardness (Shore, Brinell and Vickers)
  • Development and Improvement

    • Movable wing rail crossing
    • Movable nose crossing
    • New-type movable nose crossing
    • Injection moulding of insulation plate of steel sleeper
  • Field survey

    • On-site observation of turnout
    • Switching force, wheel load, lateral force, various stress measurements
    • Non-destructive inspection of welding joint

We engage various tests, observations or surveys upon request.
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