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Welding materials and devices

We provide Goldsummit welding materials and devices essential for construction of continuously welded rail and replacement of damaged rails.

What is Gloldsummit welding?

In 1886, Dr. Hans Goldschmidt (Germany) discovered the thermite reaction by a combination of iron oxide and aluminum powder. This reaction utilizes strong affinity of aluminum for oxygen in order to reduce heavy metal oxide, particularly iron oxide and is a quick steelmaking and refining process by abrupt oxidized heat generation given by a reaction formula:Fe2O3+2AI →2Fe+AI2O3+800kJ

Goldsummit welding equipment

Assembly of welding equipment

Shearing device

Consumables of Goldsummit welding



The portion and moulds to be used in each rail profile are as follows.

Standard rail + Standard railStandard rail + Heat-treated railHeat-treated rail + Heat-treated railMould
JIS 50N rail50N Z90 portion50N Z90 portion50N Z120M portionMould for 50N
JIS 60 rail60K Z90 portion60K Z90 portion60K Z120M portionMould for 60K

* Thimble, Igniter are common.
* Moulds for 73 kg, 74 kg, 100 kg crane rail are also available.

Step mould

When damaged rail is replaced, the joint sometimes has big gap between existing worn rail and newly inserted rail. Step mold has a 4 mm gap between under rail head and upper rail foot and enhance workability to weld worn rail and new rail.

  • Special consumable or equipment are not necessary
  • Welding procedure is just the same as usual Goldsummit Welding
  • Application range of standard mould and step mould is the following:
Gap of rails (mm)0123456
Standard mould---
Step mould--

:Under rail head and upper rail foot of mould should be shaved on the side of worn rail

Bottom of mold

Bottom of mold

Wide-gap welding

Welding gap for Wide-gap Welding is 70 mm to 75 mm, wider than standard Goldsummit welding, whose gap size is 25 mm, and can be used for removal of defects or local wear in the welding zone.

Appearance of Wide-gap Welding

The following consumable and equipment are different from standard Goldsummit Welding.

・Portion ・Mould ・Mould shoes ・Universal clamping device
・Slag pan ・Crucible extension ring ・Shearing device ・Shear blade