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Lubrication-free switch roller

Advantages of Austroroll

Austroroll is a switch roller developed by Wieland Austria Ges.m.b.H., which enable slide chair to be lubrication-free and to prevent point failure by supporting switch movement with rollers. Since experimental installation in Austria National Railways in 1987, it has been demonstrating its performance for 30 years, and more than 170,000 sets have been installed mainly in Europe.

Installation example of Austroroll (60kg rail 1 in 12 elastic point)

Placing tongue rail on Austroroll enables smooth switching.

The roller can be easily installed by fixing mounting device on the sleeper with screws (in case of wooden or FFU synthetic sleeper).

Making slide chair lubrication-free

  • Reduction of maintenance work
  • Reduction of risk of entering track to perform lubrication work
  • Reduction of risk of point failure due to shortage of oil
  • Contribution to environmental problem

Easy installation

  • Reduction of construction cost

Wide range application with small product range

  • Possible to use same rollers at a different turnout in case of sudden change of construction plan
  • Easy to control spare parts

Installation example of Austroroll

Installation of Austroroll

Operation of Austroroll